With Japan, Malaysia and the USA on the way :
• 3 destinations left • 3 BOXES • 3 SHIT# the dogs
• 3 deadlines

All I need is your support in this crowd funding project,
Target in not verry high, just the cost of transport.
60 euro per box, just 12 supporter per desttination.

Get a postcard after arrival! SUPPORT & FUND NOW!!!!!

SCAI The Bathhouse
Art Accent
Agora Gallery

5 euro • Pay-Safe
Belo Horizonte -
5 euro • Pay-Safe
Cape Town-
South Africa
2P Contemporary Art Gallery
Celma Albuquerque
Galeria de Arte

Geen Paypal?
Je wilt SHIT supporten maar PayPal is niet jouw ding, dat kan ook: Maak 5 euro over op rekening nr. 528100254 t.n.v. PHP Janssen. Onder vermelding van de door jou gekozen bestemming. En hou de SHIT-the dog facebook pagina in de gaten om de SHIT World Tour 2016 te volgen.